Treamcast (not a typo)


Ban Hammered
Surely one of you fine gentlemen has a Treamcast and would like to measure it for me so i dont have to bash your skull in with a bat and eat your brains, i mean, invite you over for tea. Thanks
Have you tried asking Lan-Kwei for the Treamcast's dimensions?

I don't think anyone from here has bought one yet.

I was going to but had a sudden flood of bills to pay.
Just see if your Dreamcast fits inbetween your seats or where ever you want it. If it fits, you know the treamcast will.
I'll be getting a Treamcast very soon (2-3 weeks) so if you want to wait that long, I'll take some pictures and post the measurements. It's also gonna take a hell of a long time if Lan-Kwei lives up to their poor reputation for shipping and getting orders out.
it looked like an ordinary dc with one of those portable screens mounted on the back, but still its worth it.. I gotta get me one when I got the cash.... wooooooooooooooo portable dreamcast... wippppeeee