Treasure Planet

Here I thought this had something to do with Treasure, makers of Radiant Guardian Mirage Heroes Silhuette Ikaruga Gun..
Yet another Disney movie based on Treasure Island (remember the Muppet one a few years back?), only this time in space... Blah.
Wait, wait wait wait wait! Wasn't there a video game called "Treasure Planet"? And yes, it is too much like soa, even with the developer name in it
Yeah, it looks a lot like SOA. I will say though, I hope they don't mangle the story TOO bad. Kinda too late for that pretty much, but we'll see. But from what i've seen, the original treasure island and treasure planet are similar ONLY in the fact that treasure island is mentioned in the previews as the basis for the movie. Yeah, it might be based on it. Very, very VERY loosely based, but still based. Treasure island was a great story. I hope they don't kill it.