Tricky Problem (PAL E DC)

hi all,

i got a PAL E DC from europe and i have tried ways to make it work but still no luck , so i gave up and i need some help.

I live in US and they have NTSC TVs. My DC obviously wouldn't display properly on it. So i got myself a RBG scart cable with a RBG scart to S-video adapter. However, that doens't work, it got no display. Then i got myself a treamcast vga box. Then i can play certain games but some games doesn't support the vga box so i go out and bought a TV tuner card that supports both NTSC and PAL. The TV tuner card supports PAL I, M,B ,N and yet, some games like Capcom vs SNK 2 (JAP NTSC) still doesn't display properly under any PAL format. :damn: :damn:

Here is my question

1. i realized some games doesn't support vga mode. is there any way around it?

2. Is there any way i can make my PAL E dreamcast to play on NTSC TV?

i just want to play my games. please help


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This may be a really dumb question, but why did you get a PAL DC if you're in the US?

One of the answer to that question would be what if i immigranted from one of the europe country to USA.


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That does make sense. :)

Unfortunately it doesn't really help with a solution. Are you talking about a lot of games? If not, getting a US DC sounds like the simplest potion.