Trouble with File types

Hi there,

I'm having trouble extracting a game from an archive. While I'm familiar with .ace/.rar/.zip, these files come with .000 through .009 and a .nfo and .sfv file. Could some one help me with how to extract/decompress the archive.

Thank you.
It's highly likely that the .000 through .009 files are WinRAR archive segments. Try opening the .000 with WinRAR and see what it tells you.

The .nfo gives you info about the software you have downloaded.

The .sfv file will help you verify the downloaded files as 'good'. Use Win-SFV or something similar to verify them.
AFAIK, it should start with .001, not .000. See previous thread regarding thess types of files.

The .nfo file is just a text file, you may open it with any text editor like Notepad or Wordpad to view it.

See previous thread regarding SFV.