Turbo Duo?

Hey, I am really thinking about finding and buying a Turbo Duo console. Is it worth it buying it and do I need a special import or mod card to play backups such as Dracula X and other CD games? I know you need a system 3.0 card to play the CD based games if you own them. Can someone give me advice?
well why would you want to buy it for gaming or as a collection item. if it's for a collection item eh do what ever you want. If it's to play then i dont know i mean you can just buy the games and get an emulator and then download the roms of the games that you bought and play them on your computer i mean to buy this system just for playing i dont think would be a good idea. since people probably over charge for everything since you can't buy the stuff in the stores anymore.
I want it as a collector's item and to use it to play games. I want to find and buy games for it. I am aware that it is pricey and that it is hard to find games for it. I just wanted to know some things, such as the system cards and if I need a specialized card to play backups and imports.
Backups and imports, nothing needed. Also, the Duo doesn't need a system card 3.0, that comes built in the duo, you'll need a system card 3.0 if you have a turbographx and a turbocd unit tho..
Thank you, are helpful and that is basically all the info I needed to know. I am really excited about getting one. I am going to take a trip on wednesday near my college to some cool stores where I found my Sega CD and games and I hope I find one. They have a Turbo Express there and also a Turbo Grafx console there. If they don't have a Turbo Duo I can always look on Ebay for one or I could try to buy one off of one of my brother's friends, hopefully .
If you're going to play arcade-cd games on it, you'll have to get a converter to plug an arcade card into a US duo. Also if you want to use ten no koe memory cards that'll also need a converter.

edit: I really have no info about converters, I purchased a japanese duo.... but I've been told that a lot of them have trouble with the arcade card.
if you want to play Sapphire get the japanese duo unit, as the us systems will NOT play Sapphire or other Arcade Card games that use certain graphics.....not even the kisado converter will play sapphire on the us systems......Get the japan system if you do NOT want problems....major problems!!
FAKK 2 Aren't there other converters for the HuCards? I have heard really good things about the Kisado converter. Do you know of any good converters for the Arcade Card, by the way is the only problem with the Kisado card just the Arcade Card, or is it defective with Japanese HuCard games?
all the japanese hucards work great with all converters Ive tried, The TV Box type one (which I had to modify myself to get it to fit in the duo was the best one) and the long green diving board was ok, and the kisado was good also, but none of them were good with the arcade card games...except the TV one that I had was ok but not perfect with the AC still, get the japan duo for the arcade card gfames....but the japan hucard games all work great on all the converters....
Definitely get one if you can. I have both a US Duo and an import Duo-R and they both keep me entertained. I had to rig up dust covers for my newer systems because of my Duos.
I think their are more than one version of some of those converters as I know some people can play all arcade card games fine where as other people have problems playing them. Personally I would just get the Japanese systema dn than you don't have to worry about converters. I know I've had about 4 different converters and I never had any problems with either Japanese hucards or any arcade card games.
A Duo can be tricky to find these days. Definately check out any stores you think may have one locally. I bought mine a few years ago at Telegames.com. They still sell new systems, as well as some games. They're a little pricey ( I paid $279 for mine) but hey, its only money right?
I just bought another converter for my USA DUO and thank god its a keeper!! It actually works with ALL the Arcade Card games with NO Glitch ups at all ever.....It is of coarse the TV Game Computer Cartridge Converter (The Purple Barney one) only this one isnt purple its brown, and yes its only made for the TG16 not the DUO so I needed to yet again modify it to fit in the Duo, but this one actually works with Strider and Sapphire, I never thought I would see the day.
Death to the Kisado and Green Diving Board Converters!!!!!! Of coarse I had to use Buy it Now for $75 in order to get it but Oh well it was well worth the money, now if only I could buy Sapphire again, there is one on ebay right now, at $255.00 with like 6 days to go and the reserve has not yet been met, the greedy SOB!!!! Oh and the Duo is NOT hard to find www.tzd.com is selling them new in the box for ONLY $199.99 plus they are selling the NEW 2002 USA DUO Super CD Release of Implode, I allready ordered mine a few days ago, how bout you guys? Support the Duo and Buy the NEW Release.
TZD wasn't selling Duo systems when I bought mine, or I could have saved some cash. They did do a fabulous job of repairing my TG-16 CD unit though. I agree with FAKK. Buy Implode. Its a pretty cool puzzle game, plus it comes with 2 other games on the disc.
I ordered me a copy too... what two other games come with it?

I also noticed that TZD sold out of Duo pads, so now they are converting TG pads to Duo by switching the cords. Either that or they will send a standard TG pad with a TG->Duo adapter.
Cool, so its got 3 games on it not just one, neato...cant wait to play them, and Ex I took it apart and the only thing it does is swap the data lines, so all in all if we took the duo apart we could rewire the inside to play the Jap Carts without a converter, and the only wires that are crossed are like the middle 7 or so......I guess the reason this converter works the best is because its best aligned and you cant move it around after its plugged in, its VERY snug fit, unlike the kisado and others which move around freely and you get lucky when they do work, if they dont get bumped and screw up.....So yeah this converter is cool.