Unauthorized Genesis Games

I have been collecting homemade, hack and otherwise unauthorized Genesis carts. Here is my collection so far:


Pokemon 2

Omega Race



and a handful of Korean Language RPG translations


Super Mario Bros.


Here are some carts I know to exist and have seen with my own eyes running on a gen (but did not or could not purchase).

1.Pokemon RED (Actual remake of Gameboy game in Akihabara, but they wouldn't sell it).

2. Tekken (a virtua fighter graphic hack).

3. Donkey Kong Country (original)

4. Super Mario 64 - probably identical to the rom listed above.

Ok, now to my point.

I want to know what else exists and what roms are floating around. Can anyone add anything interesting to this list? And does anyone know if roms for the above mentioned are floating around (not a request! just a verification) ?

I am very interested in modemade games and hacks. Actual Carts. Although, I have a stack of multi carts, the singles are a little more interesting.

Here are some titles I have heard rumored to exist but have never actually seen evidence of...

Resident Evil

Soul Calibur

Mario Kart

They are probably only graphic hacks, but I would like to put together a Big List of Unauthorized Genesis Games.
Sega never had the authority to put out Tetris... remember Nintendo?

A group called Pagaen Soft put out a version overseas, but I do not know if it was authorized because of the copyright Nintendo held. This is why the NES version of the game by Tengen was pulled off the shelves.
I have a K.O.F. 98' cart. Its supposed to be King of Fighters 98, but its just 9 characters from Super Street Fighter and Fatal Fury, with 9 "Dark" versions of them.

Im actually wanting to sell it, if you are interested. Here are some pics

Character Select -


Mid Fight


Aaand the Title Screen:


these pics were taken with GENs i think, or Kega, but I have the cart and its box.
Actually, Nintendo doesn't own any copyright for Tetris. They help get Bulletproof software the license and licensed it off them.
Thanks for the broken links Jedi

oh well, I am sure they'll show up. I am also looking for that particular cart!