Underwater Marriage

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BOMBAY, India (Reuters) -- An Indian couple who got engaged in mid-air plan to marry underwater later this month.

Dipti Pradhan, 31, and Chandan Thakoor, 33, plan to exchange Hindu wedding vows in an hour-long ceremony in a swimming pool in Bombay on June 23.

Ravi Kulkarni, 35, a diving instructor who will officiate at the wedding, has been training the couple for nearly a month for the ceremony, in which they will wear scuba-diving gear.

"In the beginning, they were scared to be in water," he said. "Now they tell me that they are ready for the big day."

Kulkarni conducted a mid-air engagement ceremony for the couple on Thursday. Held up by ropes, they exchanged rings hanging 50 feet (16 meters) above the pool in a north Bombay suburb.

The bride's father and four relatives will be among those who witness the wedding ceremony underwater, while at least 250 guests are expected to watch on a giant screen by the poolside.

The couple will wear traditional wedding clothes with metal strips sewn into the hems so they keep their shape in the pool.

Kulkarni said the couple wanted a unique wedding and it would be the first traditional Hindu ceremony conducted under water.

Underwater marriage, I don't think you could count me in as best man for that one
It was the fad a couple years ago. A swimming pool is kind of pedestrian, though. Last time I've heard of these gimmicks, one couple got married in the airplane. The same family who did that arranged to have their other daughter married in a submarine.

Go figure.