US Christmas Nights


Mid Boss
How rare is this. I picked it up at a used game store for 50 cents. I love Nights, and I gave up trying to burn this. I noticed someone on ebay selling it for $40. Does it actually sell for that much?? It is awesome, but its not a full length game.
Hm.. I believe it is fairly sought after, I bought it from a friend of mine with Resident Evil and Virtua Cop 2 for $12 (XMAS NiGHTS was $2, the other two games were $5).

Speaking of which, I went to buy a Dreamcast game or two on wednesday, and instead they had a few MegaDrive games. Did I get a steal buy buying Ecco: Tide of Time (Cart Only) for $3? I also bought NBA Jam TE for $2, and SMB/Duck Hunt for .30 (MY FIRST NES PURCHASE! :D).
I'm not exactly sure how rare it is, it came with issues of Ultra Game Players and Next Generation in December '96, so at a time I'm sure a lot of copies existed. It just depends how many people decided to throw them in the trash. I would suspect it's worth about $10, at the very most, and that would only apply to hardcore collectors who probably already own it.
I iwsh I could get my hands on a us copy... at the moment I'm stuck with a burned us copy (though I own a sealed japanese copy ^_~)
I bought a whole bunch of them at blockbuster video a couple years back for $1 and resold a ton of em for around $40 :D

It was awesome.
Xmas Nights came not only with mags. It was packed with other games back in the time. I remember seeing it packed with Mr. Bones and Daytona USA CCE.
I wonder if they over-printed the game, sort of like the Japanese House of the Dead box set. That might explain why it was bundled with mags and other games.
got mine free on the front of a UK sega mag (£4.99).....tho...when the mag had NO cd with only cost £ how does the price diffrence make it free?