Used Nintendo 64 games

Do you think some used N64 games are priced too high?

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Did you ever sell a N64 game and get a small amount for it, but then see the same game being sold in the exact store for more than what you got? Outrageous, ain't it? I saw Donkey Kong 64 used on sale for $25. To me, that's a little too much. I can get current gen games with the same quality for less than that. So the question is do you think used video games are overpriced? I think so.
Yes of course! Even back in the days they were very expensive, I remember seeing Yoshis Island at Toys r Us for over 100 bucks, N64 carts were around $90 to $40 so I started buying all my games second hand for around $10 to $20, if the games come with box and instructions and its a high profile game $25 is not so bad. I think it's because these are carts, CD games are usually less even second hand.
I think $25 is a little much for an N64 cartridge now, especially since we are nearing the next wave of consoles. That game didn't come with a instruction booklet or a box either, but it was a high profile game. Even if it's a high profile game, they still charge too much for it. And if it is a high profile game, they'll give you $5 for it and then charge $25 for it inhouse. That's a big reason why I am looking forward to the Revolution; Nintendo is pretty cheap with their stuff when they sell it, so I can imagine I, or any other consumer, will get a good deal for a downloaded game. If they charged possibly $19.95 for their Player's Choice titles and less for their other titles then that would be fine.
I saw an N64 that came with Majora's mask for £90 0.0 someone with a converter can work that out into dollars, but it's somewhere near $160-180. Crazy.
Starcraft was going for £50 as well apparently
That's a little bit too much, especially for MM's time. They still charge a lot for a used MM even now. My local game store charges $26 for it, and I saw the same game on EBGames' online catalog for less than that.
It disappeared quite quickly though...either someone complained about the price or they came to their senses and took it down...unless someone bought it =|
If I were the person that bought that (if they did), I would feel like a dumbass for making such a foolish investment for a N64 and MM when I could've gotten them cheaper. If I weren't that person (which I am), I would be laughing at that person :lol: