using a CD+ cart


I have a Sega Saturn Model 1 (MK-80000). The only game I have is an import (Slam Dunk), but ithe system came with a CD+Plus cartridge. Shouldn't the import play automatically with the CD+ installed, or is there some key combination that I have to press to get it to work. The system plays audio CD's fine, so I know the CD reader is working.

Any ideas?

blow into the cart slot, and try inserting the cart not 100% all the way.. it should show some sort of splash screen or menu on power up.
Amazing. I cleaned the contactds on the cartridge, and inserted it, pushing it down the whole way, but it didn't work. Then I put it in part way, as you suggested, and it works!

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

If the blow part involves your breath (obviously), look for other way to clean up (i.e. alcohol) because you will eventually kill the contacts.