V-Saturn, Victor Saturn

Well to me it seems just like a Jap Saturn, nothing too big, the Pic doesn't look trustworthy at all, but if the guy has enough positive feedbacks and so on, and you want a Jap Saturn then get it.
The V-Saturn was manufactured by JVC and looks slightly different, but otherwise it is an ordinary Saturn. Hitachi also made a Saturn model, called the Hi-Saturn.
It is a saturn just like any other... it's just that it isn't manufactured by SEGA, it was made by JVC (Victor in Japan)... That one has no extras... I think...

The Hi-Saturn, which is manufactured by Hitachi has built-in MPEG 1 support... there's no need for the VCD Card with this one...
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The Hi-Saturn, which is manufactured by Hitachi has built-in MPEG 1 support... there's no need for the VCD Card with this one...

Not built-in, but came bundled with the machine.
Actually, that's my auction. The system does comes with everything and it is in mint condition. I was too lazy to take pics, but if anyone wants any. Let me know

This saturn is a rare find, and it has been modified to play all games. That includes burned CDs.
It also includes the 4-1 Meg ram cart.

If anyone from SegaXtreme buys it, I will include a Wireless Controller for free. Just let me know who you are

Wow, nice.... but alot of money. And I don´t need a modded special rare saturn... I just need a modded saturn. Does anyone know a place were they sell modded saturns (yes I know you can pick up a modchip for ~$20, but I really suck @ soldering a 64-pins model2 saturn
) ..... propably nowere anymore ???
From time to time I'll buy a Saturn, mod it, and sell it on eBay. I've got some new stuff coming in, so you might watch in the future. As for now, you might scan the Buy/Sell/Trade forum for people selling their own modded Saturns.
Yeah. Hehe, I screwed up 2 Saturns trying to get the mod in

I hate to sell this Saturn, that's why the high price
If you can pay that much though, then great
Ya know?
Yeah, I´d would hope some online retailer who sells modchips and saturns would offer premodded ones... they could ask alot of money for them... guess they can´t be bothered with making money

The thing with buying stuff from people ,as in no retailers, you get no garantee... so I´m a bit resiliant on that matter. ???
Guys, if you get the right modboard, it is just as easy to mod a 64 pin Saturn as a 32 pin Saturn.

Read the thread at the top of the Saturn forum.

One of these days I'll rewrite it, I promise. :
Mmmmm, yeah I´ve read through the entire thread now..... it does seem easy´.. if it works... guess I´ll have to surf to gamegizmo sometime soon. "Unfortuanatly" my Saturn is in germany (my neihbouring country) in a gameshop were they still sometimes mod saturns (YEAH I found one)... so I hope they can get the bloody thing running.. if not I´ll try the MAL-mod
Sure, but I won't be taking many Saturn pics.

Properly rewriting a mod installation guide is an afterthought.