Vampire Savior 4 MB Problem

Jaded God

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Ok when I boot up my Vampire Savior here is what I get...


and here is the Expansion cart I am using


Does this mean I need to do the cart fix that requires soldering the two points together via a wire? Is my cart a canidate for this?

Yea but notice that my cart says "5-in-1" and not "4-in-1" should I still be able to do this modification?
They are the same basic cartridge... it's just some models were called 5in1 as the incorrectly classed the 4Meg and 1Meg expansion as separate components.
People. It's SO simple, really.

Look at the picture. It clearly says, Expand RUM Card.

Clearly, that's the wrong type of card. You're trying to get your Saturn more memory, not make it drunk.

Yea i opened it up and it looks nothing like the real AR 4 in 1 to do the mod too... IT has no pin legs on the back to solder to just a million tiny via's *small circular holes*... Guess I am screwed???

That guide in gameFaq's his yours??

Thanks for that! I've learned much from it.. I only got my cart recently, but had already read your faq for a few times
So which 4mb games(besides Vampire Saviour) will work after you've done this modification ?

Or maybe it's only Vampire Saviour ?
yea I gotta buy the official one... I got some cheap HK import shit or something... Notice how it says "RUM card" lmao!

Some poor translations...

Is this site you showed me legit and reliable?
Originally posted by Jaded God@Jun 11, 2003 @ 11:46 PM

Is this site you showed me legit and reliable?

Sure is =D It's where I got my AR4M+ from, it arrived in about 4 days... Jandaman's logo is even on the envelope =D