Vcd zip?

hi just recently saw a 1.7mb file on a server that says Dc what exactly is this. i thought you needed to install a hardware piece or burn vcd with a certain file.? is this some sort of vcd boot disk?
Quote: from megametalgreymon on 7:30 pm on Nov. 20, 2001

there is a dc video cd player, but the quality is horrible

its just a boot disk image, and around the 2mb size would probabbly be right

i think thats the gypplay app, not the one echelon released. the ech. release was 3 20mb rars, i believe.

gypplay plays only mpegs/avis(not divx) burned onto the same cd as the player, while the one echelon released plays VCD 2.0 discs with crap quality.
I would say that GypPlay is better than the first VCD Player boot disc for the DC. For one, you can burn slightly lower bitrate (900,000 bps) than VCD standard MPEGs so that overall playback is better than playback of VCDs with the VCD boot disc. Also, I think GypPlay has better AV sync than the VCD boot disc.