Very Important Question!

I'm planning to build up a Homepage with Genesis RPG-Roms Downloads (using eDonkey and FTP (Direct) Downloads)

my question is: Is it legal, or is it still illegal ? (i mean genesis is REALY old, I can't think of Sega still wanting to sell some games)

I need a sure answer :)
whether it is or not, don't count on your page staying up on most servers, not many rom places stay around for long anymore
It's almost certainly not legal. Some people consider it a gray area since people just sharing stuff aren't commonly prosecuted, but there's no substantial evidence to suggest that it is allowed by the law.
than why do eDonkey link sites can stay online, I'm not going to upload any roms to any webspace servers from any providers

I was going to add an FTP (direct) link and in addition to that an eDonkey link, so the webspace folder wouldn't contain any rom files, do you still think the site would still be kicked pretty soon??
places like edonkey stay online because their clients load shitloads of spyware onto your system and they bribe people like the RIAA with the results. As for roms, basically it seems to be illegal but sega has bigger fish to fry and therefore dont give a rat arse about it
unless your willing to let you pc sit on edonkey for days on end building up a sever list you would find it impossible to actually see what the link contained

and most of the prople checking for stuff like that wouldnt know how to use a ed2k link anyway, so they would probabbly assume its a bad link
i advise an IRC Fserve, its fast, its easy, its free. Just like most of the girls i went to school with