VGA Box Question and Reccomendations

I'm thinking of getting a VGA Box for my DC, and I stumbled on one at and they have one that can display CD-R backup games with this VGA box called the Treamcast.

First off, is there really a need for CD-R support on a VGA box? I mean can't any VGA box play a CD-R backup of any DC game?

Also, is this a good VGA box to get? Can anyone give me any reccomendations (besides the Performance one sense I can't find it anywhere)?


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Sorry about that....but there's really no way around asking that question....without mentioning something like that...

But sorry I apologize for that of course.

Thanks for the heads up!
From what I know, most CDR games should work in VGA boxes because they add a flag that is needed for the DC to "give" VGA display in all of them.

It doesn't guarantee that the games work properly, though.

But it doesn't depend of the model of the VGA box.
AFAIK, there's nothing special about using VGA with CD-ROM - the program has to enable VGA, just like on GD-ROM.
Thanks for the help. I figured that was the case with this particular VGA box. I guess now I can get a plain and cheap one off eBay now.

Thanks again!
i think thats the same as getting non-VGA supported games working on a VGA box (if it has the VGA logo on the game packaging or not...)