I've had my vga box for a really long time and I always used it on the same monitor, I tried to use it on my new monitor and it doesn't work, no picture or anything. It seems like the wierdest thing to me. But maybe somebody on here has some insight on monitors or something and could explain this.


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It has to do with the refresh rates. I know i have Naki VGA box that outputs 89.something hertz, and my KDS 17 in. POS maximum is 85 hertz. But my brother's viewsonic 19 in. MOFO supports it well, as it's maximum is 100 hertz.

I hope I'm right.

and I hope you understand.

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If scan rates are the problem, then the problem would likely exist on a per-game basis - the VGA box doesn't decide what scan rate to use, because it doesn't do any signal conversion.
are they burned games?

i.e. is it just some games that dont display or nothing displays at all?

i have a treamcast model, which is the cheapest, and it was the first to work with bootdisc's. but even this one is not fully compatable with all of them.

plus, im using a pretty-olde (13") monitor i used to use with my trusty old 386DX, and it still works fine.
It has nothing to do with games whatsoever, because if the game isn't supported by vga adapters then a screen comes up saying so, and my monitor gets no signal whatsoever. I was thinking about the hertz being the issue but I wasn't quite sure. I got a 21" NEC monitor coming soon. That monitor should work.


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Is yours the official VGA box or made from a 3rd party manufacturer? I have one made by a 3rd party manufacturerer and it sometimes displays without the red color (i.e., the places where red is supposed to show, there's black; plus all other colors are shifted as if there's no red). My guess is that there might be a bad contact with the pin for the red or something.
akumamatata, uh, stuff like that happen to me quite often, due to bad connection. but that really has nothing to do with whether you have 3rd party or official. in my (humble) opinion, treamcast is the best. some wont even let you boot up imports/etc with a bootdisc


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akumamatata, uh, stuff like that happen to me quite often, due to bad connection. but that really has nothing to do with whether you have 3rd party or official. in my (humble) opinion, treamcast is the best. some wont even let you boot up imports/etc with a bootdisc
Does it have a PC or TV pass through?
no vga pass-through

most vga boxes (official or 3rd party) dont have pass-through.

but it does have the rca out (the three-way cable. that's what it's called, right?) and s-video.

anyway, treamcast is relatively cheap (i got mine for 15# from and supports the "non-vga" games and bootdisc's.

plus it has a (useless) headphone jack, which sux because it sounds like shit
Well, Penguins vga box sounds identical to mine except mine just says DC-VGA on it. I also noticed that my monitor cable has one pin missing on the pinout (supposed to be like that), it works fine with my comp, could the pinout also be another factor in the problem?
i'm useing my madness gameware vga adaptor ($15) on an old acer acerview 11D (probably a 13-14" with a max res of 800*600) and it works flawlessly, i even burned Quake dc to support it (you need to do a little change with one of the files before you burn it) and the olny game to not work with it (besides the utopia boot cd) is king of fighters dreamatch 99' (from snk, a 2d fighter) of course it doesn't mention support for the vga adaptor for that game anyway :) I think the dreamcast will always run in vga mode at 640*480 @ 60hz (i believe that's the right refresh rate) game indepenant. My monitor has alot of pins missing, but i know that it was made that way, maybe a pin broke off of your monitor? does it work fine on a computer (try 640*480 at the lowest refresh you can, hopefully 60hz)

oh, there is a pin on monitors that controlls the hz setting, that could be the one possibly broken

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the 'play-non-vga-in-vga' trick (editing ip.bin) does not always work. dino cricis doesnt work...well, it sort of does, but not really. if u get past the little sega bitch screen, u get all the menus and the full intro, but when u actually get to the game part (when the polygons come in) it switches modes again and the game will continue without sending signal thorugh vga.

i guess ditto with kof 99 dream match. question. does kof99 evo work? i hated dream match's kof98 style anyway.
kof 99' dreamatch is most likely running below 640*480 resloution (and is probalby true for most of the 2d games) and that's probalby the reason it refuses to work with the vga adaptor normally. there are ways to get a monitor to run lower resloutions (i ran q3 at 400*300 fullscreen on my computer before) but the vga mode on the dreamcast normally defualts to 640*480
most low-rez games work fine with my trusty vga box, even if it requires little tricking

its just that some games absolutely refuse to display

and my dreamcast monitor is capable of doing extremely low-rez. it just wont go as high as 1024x768, granted it is a 13"shitmonitor i used to use with my 386

i wonder if it works with kof99 evo. at least the pc version (NOT arcade 99 port ^_^) is in 640x480 for all that polygons