video game sales #

I'm in a pop culture class and I have to do a paper where I have to monitor an aspect of pop culture through out the year and then write a paper on it.

I would just like to know where I can get sales information on games. Like a list of the top 10 selling games on a weekly basses in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Japan, etc.

So if you'd all would like to list links to sites that have this info I'd appreciate it.


Joe81(aka jim993)

They don't have an updated top 10 weekly

but they do have the top 10 game reviews that are looked at and stuff like that for each system...
zziggy, I think he wants sales. I dunno, look at the sega dying out thread. I think they had links in there. Hope this helps, and good luck. U should show us your report after it's done. I think it would be quite interesting.
the link wasn't very usefull. Only reason i started this thread was because i didn't want to go off topic in the other post.
thanks it's a good enough start but i need a site that has more info and more often. good enough to add to my blockbuster video most popular rented games info. all i have to do for my class is provide bi weekly info and at the end put it all together and form a paper.
no i'm a punk ass poor college student that doesn't have a job and lost 9 pounds since i've been in school i can't really call retailers and game companies.
well i decided that this project was to hard and i switched my reasearch over to movies(so much easier to get info on them).

thanks everyone who helped