Video Games History ...

Hi everyone .. i want to remind you all of something ..

Remember the times of Atari .. everyone was so happy to have it and play it .. and then the games began to get better and better .. from Atari games .. to the huge gaming revolution that we have now .. look at the games today and at the first game .. big difference , huh ? well back to those days .. did you ever expect games to become so real.. so powerful ? 3D games ?

Of course no1 did .. so let me ask you a question then .. and i would like to see what everyone thinks ..

I want you to look at the game today and tell me what do expect games to be after like 10 years ?
I want to play hologram games, and I think that eventualy when technology gets good enough, thats just what will happen.
Well, I have played a couple arcade games before that used hologram technology, some of them being as old as the genesis. I don't see why with todays grafx capabilities we havn't made more stuuf like that.
Since the brain basicaly functions using electrical impulses, I don't see why they can't come up with a non-invasive way to interface between a computer and the brain. Plenty of movies and cyberpunk novels have touched upon this (Strange Days' squid technology is an obvious example). I would expect within the next ten years for someone to find a way to deliver information and entertainment (VR programs, games, 1st person perspective films, internet chat, etc.) this way. Take your favorite 3D fighter and imagine if your actions were limited only by your imagination and speed of thought.
dunno what they'll be like, but i DO know that, just like i play my MD/Genny now, i'll be playing my Dreamcast, and remember, that for a breif period (in the grand scheme of things), gaming was perfect


VetigoXX has a good point .. really .. they might actually do this kind of gaming .. well we gamers hope so .. I LOVE GAMES .. hehe
Service Games, stop mixing logic from Lain and the matrix, its gives me too many ideas for a seriously messed up future.
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My CPU is a neural-net processor.

that quote's from Terminator 2 (my favorite movie of all-time :)) but then again, I've never seen The Matrix, so maybe they ripped T2 off ;)

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Consoles will no longer exist.... everything will be PC based..... :(

Eventually the entire "video game" industry will move into the "PC game" industry without telling anyone.... the dreamcast was the first step in that direction, after all. Microsoft is making a "console." Yeah, and I bet that "console" lets you do almost everything you can do with a computer except you can run it on a tv, not your monitor.

Give it time...
I think PSX, N64 and (to a much lesser extent) Saturn were the first steps toward "PC-like" development tools and attitudes - this was the first generation of consoles that could handle the overhead of running something written in C while still providing an impressive amount of power. Also, I think the move to 3D graphics has a lot to do with it - low-level control of the display hardware isn't nearly as useful for 3D as it is for 2D. Hopefully though we'll never see "upgradeable" consoles where each component can be swapped out for a better one: one of the the main advantages of consoles over PCs is that a game for a fixed console architecture can be tweaked for maximum performance without worrying about compatibility or how many people will be willing to upgrade their CPU and video card.

I think the next big revolution for graphics will be voxel-based graphics. A high-resolution voxel-based system would have memory requirements measured in gigabytes, but I'm sure sooner or later memory will be cheap enough to implement it...

I've also given some thought to non-invasive brain manipulation myself... my main idea (for which the technology probably doesn't exist, and for all I know might never exist) is to somehow project magnetic fields into the brain and make them vibrate very precisely to induce controlled currents in specific parts of the brain. I wonder how long government approval for *that* would take :).
Technology for interfacing to the brain does exist.

Sound via brain implants now allow deaf people to hear, and that technology is close to perfection.

Research on visual brain implants is not as far along, but already a blind man has been fitted with an implant that allows him to see light and dark shades and depth perception to some extent via a camera and computer straped to his waist.

We are not that far off when tvs stereos computer monitors will no longer be needed.

Technology has been on parabolic curve since the begining of time, we are now at the point where it takes off almost infinitely.
Wow, this post is becoming so technical. Personaly, I like things the way they are, I would like to see holografic technology, but nero interfaces I don't. Frankly the idea of a direst feed to the brain like that is a scary though. If such a thing did exist to the extent you all sayt it will go to one day, then what is to prevent others from manipulating our minds? Individuality would be lost, its almost like watching a bad episode of star trek with the borg.