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I was just wondering how everyone switches between consoles.. Right now I have a few of those crappy 6 input boxes cascaded together, and you have to manually select the input. My stereo has 6 inputs, but thats not enough, I want something with at least 20. I would also like to be able to label what each input is (saturn, genesis, etc) on some kind of display, and also to select it with a remote.. has some stuff that looks like what I am looking for, but that stuff looks expensive and they dont have prices on their site..

any ideas?
formy NES and SNES, I simply swapped the rf adaptor plug, unplugging it from the NES and plugging it into the SNES as needed. both plug types are the same. and I seem to recall that the rf adaptor is also compatible with the Sega Genesis, can't remember clearly, though
I got one of those audio/visual signal switchers from radio shack that can take up to four consoles (or vcrs dvd players what have you) and just press a button to switch from. IS that what you're talking about? Man it would be great though if they made one with 20 or something. Or they could make a whole friggen switchboard with like 100 of them on there with little led displays saying which went to which device...
gamestop sell those things too thier version is 20$ which i think can take 5 consoles and looks nice and they also sell a mad cats version with a radical look which can take 4 consoles for 10$ the shops near me sell out of those things pretty fast so dont get discuraged if you dont see it if you go
What would be cool, if the switch box automatically detect which system is on so all we have to do is power on the dremcast or saturn. All the wires looks like a madhouse if you have lots of systems plugged into one tv set.
I just switch all the scarts and RFs, it's getting rather crowdy

-PS1, Saturn, N64, DVD on scart of tv #1

-Megadrive and SMS on tv #1 rf

-NES on tv #2 scart

-PP1292 on tv #2 rf

-PSX on lil' TFT screen

guess I'll buy one of them darn switchboxes, but they're expensive for just some plastic and metal...
First off, those lil' boxes they sell at gamestop, they are hidious. They are uglier than the PS2, which is pretty damn ugly.
gameboy900 Posted on Jan. 21 2003, 11:28 am


And what would it do if you had two consoles powered on?

split screen, hehe. I say just make a remote for em'.

Now I have a question, don't they have like recievers that do this? Like stereo recievers? They have hookups in the back, They have quite a few and use a remote to change them. Most have 2-3 or each, composite, component, s-video, a/v, maybe even a place for your RF adaptor. Am I correct on this?