Virtua Fighter 2


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The Superior 3D Arcade Fighting game - only on Sega Saturn!
  • Thoroughly enchanced realistic animation of each character, from the extraordinary arcade hit with double the resolution and double the speed!
  • 2 new characters - Lion and Shun - join Akira, Sarah, Jacky, Lau, Pai, Wolf, Jeffry and Kage in new, incredibly detailed arenas and backgrounds.
  • Contains over 1,200 radical moves from the arcade hit with unique moves and power plays for each character.
  • Use the Virtua Stick to bring home the arcade action.

Finally, we have all four Virtua Fighter games in our GotW database. :)

The attached pics were shamelessly snatched from yamatoku's eBay auctions. ^^

Check out the cover art for Virtua Fighter 2 released on other platforms at MobyGames.


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The Time: Fall 1995, Winter 1995, or Spring 1996 (I'm pretty sure Spring 1996).

The Setting: Lazer X at Merle Hay Mall.

What happened: I go into the awesome game center, checking things out. Playing games here and there. I remember watching this one guy kick some serious ass at Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat 3. I see this game called "Virtua Fighter 2." I figured "What the hell? Give it a shot." I popped in two tokens, and select Akira (since he's the cover guy), and I make it to Pai, before getting my ass kicked time and again. I give up. Unable to find Tekken anywhere, I play again, as Akira, get to Pai, owned.

I immediately preferred VF over Tekken. Why? Simple: None of the fancy explosions when you hit someone (I was nine years old at the time) :p

I was always and Akira player those first few months. but could never get past Pai. I switched to Lion, button mashed my way to Pai, same deal. I actually think I got past Pai once as Lion. :)

Over the next months, I'd always switch between Tekken, Tekken 2 and VF2. I remember finding the original VF at a different game center and was floored at the graphics (What the hell happened? They're all blocky now!)

It was Fall 1996, that I was browsing Software Etc. at Merle Hay Mall, and noticed Virtua Fighter 2. Big red "GENESIS" label on the side of the box art. I went nuts! I grabbed it, and looked at the back. I was so excited! The graphics looked so amazing! I actually thought they looked a bit 3D!

Janaury 1997, I decided to buy a video game. My first game purchase of my life. I couldn't decide between Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for SNES, or Virtua Fighter 2 for Genesis. I eventually decided on VF, due to my love for the arcade game. My dad took me to Target, I picked up the game, and took it home (I remember telling my dad in the car "Yeah, this guy's name is Akira (I pronounced it "a-ky-ra"), he's the best."). I got home, popped in the game, and started playing as "a-ky-ra". I did the same -> ->, KK move over and over, kicking ass. I wnet aboslutely crazy after I beat Pai.

A month or so later, I'm fighting Sarah, and she's beting me a bit. I like her moves, and decide to pick her as my next fighter. The rest is history. I've been a Sarah player ever since, destroying all who challenge me. :D

Anyway, I didn't get to go to a game center for months. I went again in Summer 1997 I believe it was. I stepped up the VF2 machine, picked Sarah, and got to Lion (One stage past Pai! Whoohoo!). I think I actually got to Jeffry at one point.

I went back to Lazer X a few weeks later, and noticed "Virtua Fighter 3" right at the entrance. Right in front. I'm drooling like no other. I step up, select, Wolf, get my assed kicked in one fight. I didn't play VF3 in any shape or form until about four or five years later (I believe it was Spring 2002), when I finally got to play it a second time (Same place as before, Lazer X). I wasn't going to get owned in one fight again (Yes, I remember that first fight clearly. I still do), so I screwed Wolf, and picked my girl Sarah. I got about got past about six or seven fighters, before I hit a road block, and stopped (I only had a couple dollars with me).

I remember first hearing about the Dreamcast and thinking (Bah.. It sucks! It's made by Sega! (I was a Sony fanboy at the time.)) But when I heard about VF3 going to it, I went nuts! I NEEDED a Dreamcast for VF3! Too bad I didn't get my DC until January 9, 2002. I didn't get VF3 for DC until August 2002.

Anyway, I bought my Sega Saturn on August 19, 2000 at 2:59 PM from Funcoland

I bought:

Sega Saturn ($27.99)

Virtua Cop ($1.99)

Daytona USA ($1.99)

Virtua Fighter 2 ($2.49)

RF Adaptor ($2.99)

Mom bought:

CD Cleaner ($14.95)

Fighters Megamix ($16.99)

Subtotal: $69.39

IA TAX 6.00%: $4.16

TOTAL: $73.55

PCM Redeem: $3.95

Cash (Me): $35.00

Check (Mom): $34.36

I was so happy I finally got to have a 3D version of VF2. I played it non-stop, kicking ass, and taking names with Sarah.

I still play my MegaDrive version of VF2 sometimes. You know how people say that it's supid to buy a console for one game? I guess I was pretty stupid. :p

Saturn - All the VF games

Dreamcast - VF3

Game Gear - VF Animation

32x - VF

Master System - Phantasy Star, and VF (Can't remember exact name).

PS2 - Final Fantasy X (At the time anyway), VF4. Then I bought VF Evolution, and I might import VF Final Tuned in summer, or I might just wait until the American release.

I still need to get the VF4 and Red VF Evolution stick (I think that's the one with Srah on it) for my PS2.

Thank god for VF, where would I be without it? :p
You're a strange guy.

Virtua Fighter 2 is my favorite fighter on the Saturn. I like it even more than Fighters Megamix or Dead or Alive or Last Bronx or so on and so on. This thread reminds me how much I miss my Saturn games, I only have two Saturn games left :( (Virtua Fighter-J and House of the Dead-J)
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Thu, 2005-02-24 @ 02:30 PM

Finally, we have all four Virtua Fighter games in our GotW database. :)

Do you have the MegaDrive version? What about 32x? VF Saturn? VF Mini/Animation? :p
Well I was going to post about how great this game is, but with Rolf around I dont really need to :D

I was mainly a wolf player in VF2, I've since moved away from him in newer versions. Dont know why.

Did anyone ever play ranking mode, I played it for ages trying to gt the top rank. the best I managed was 2nd or 3rd with a few characters
I preferred Fighters Megamix rather than regular VF1 or 2.

VF2 never gave me enough enjoyment for it to become a classic in my eyes. I guess if I had bought VF2 before Megamix, I might have liked it a little more... Megamix just had that something extra that VF2 didnt.
Kage rules all! Dunno why but I walk through VF2 with Kage. I love tossing people out of the ring :).

Its an addictive game. Its up there with nights for me. I have no clue why but VF2 and Nights is what keeps me coming back to Saturn.

I hit an easter egg once that let you change all the settings and play as any character. Durall is a beast to play as. But thats cheating heh.
Originally posted by RolfWrenWalsh+Thu, 2005-02-24 @ 05:56 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(RolfWrenWalsh @ Thu, 2005-02-24 @ 05:56 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'>Heh...

Why does it matter? :p
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Because it should be about the receipt and not the hand. The hand is a distraction. Just ask the receipt; the receipt will tell you. :p

@Thu, 2005-02-24 @ 11:18 PM

Do you have the MegaDrive version? What about 32x? VF Saturn? VF Mini/Animation? :p
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[/quote]I have NONE of those versions. :p The closest originals that I have to a Virtua Fighter game would be Fighters Megamix and then Shenmue and Shenmue II. I agree with Flak. There is something about Fighters Megamix that made it more enjoyable than the VF games that came before it.
I always liked Virtua Fighter Kids the most. Why? Because I had the EUR version of Virtua Fighter for the Saturn and it was locked at 50Hz, so it was slow as! The other reason is the graphics looked shabby comparred with Kids.

PS I love the reciept!