Why would Sega keep Virtua Fighter 3 for Saturn secret?

I've been contacting members of the development teams for VF3 arcade, Digital Dance Mix, Virtua Fighter 2 Saturn, and other titles. Basically, anyone who might have worked on 3 for Saturn. And when I get a response, it's usually something to the tune of, "Sorry, I can't talk about that." Even from Yu Suzuki.

People have been able to discuss Shenmue and even show footage from it, so why not VF3? If it pushed the hardware to unseen heights, that could have been a problem in terms of third party relations, but top Saturn programmers say that this is unlikely:

We're coming up on 25 years here from its July 3rd, 1998 completion and September 1998 initial intended release date - why the continued secrecy?