VMU! Power Up!

Ive noticed that these VMU batteries die insanely fast (all of mine died in 6 months and I barely used them). And I dont want to buy new batteries since they will cost around $4, especially since a new vmu itself is only $10. Also ive noticed that all it needs is 6 volts of dc power, I was even able to connect 4 AA batteries to power it up. So im wondering if anybody ever made some sort of adapter for them to use an alternate power source?
$4 for the batteries? You're getting ripped off. You can buy Energizer or Duracell ones at any Wal-Mart or Target for less than $2. Last ones I bought, I got at Office Max on sale for $1 each.
Energizer? Duracell? This thing uses two CR2032 watch batteries, as far as I know, they arent namebrand and cost close to $2 bucks each (its TWO of the same batteries the Saturn uses for clock and internal memory card functions.)
Eveready and Duracell make many kinds of batteries, including CR2032 (though Duracell uses its own part number, DL2032).
I've done this, it's really easy actually. I hooked one of my vmu's with a battery holder (holds 4 AA batteries at 1.5v each gives the 6v you need for the vmu) that hooks up through a 9v battery hookup so i can plug and unplug the AA battery holder from the vmu easily (all parts gotten at radio shack) i did this mod months ago and i'm still useing the same batteries
my setup is almost like that (i use the 9v battery connector to hook up to my 4 AA battery holder) and i just fastend the postive and negitive wires to a small peice of wood. And my battery wires are long enough to not need to worry about not being able to put it in my controller (the battery pack gets in the way, so i keep it in my second controller port) although i must keep it in the top vmu slot though, it works great