Want to trade for "modded" consoles..

If you go to eBay and look up items I'm auctioning under my ID " scorch56 ".. you'll see what I have to offer. Anything that doesn't sell tomorrow is being relisted; and more items going up tomorrow including a Quantum3D Obsidian X-24 card. I'm looking for a modded PSX (Must be a SCPH-7XXX;9XXX or PSOne series though.), a modded Sega Saturn and a Panasonic 3DO FZ-10 model (unmodded.. of course). Make me an offer and if we can work something out; I'll "pull" any of the auctions off. Thanks for looking. I GOT'S to have me these three consoles to complete my collection (I actually have 2 PSXs; 2 Saturns and a Goldstar and FZ-1 already.. but nothing's modded.). Thanks to all for your time and attention.. and no.. I'm not doing this just to get you to look either. The Sega CD ALG guns are quite rare. The one ad is so "nasty" because I had one "NPB" 2 weeks ago on it.. and the next week a guy bought it thinking it was a 3DO ALG gun and then backed out. I'm actually a really nice guy ;-) .
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You already have two Playstations and Two Saturns....Why don't you MOD the consoles you have yourself?

I could give you the "long story" or the "short story". Since I'm on my way to work.. I'll give you the short one. My two PSXs are older models; and I'm told they have weaker lasers (Which is why my "Game Hunter" plug-in mod won't work on them). I'm not taking the chance to "hard" mod them and find out they wont work either (for WHATEVER reasons). I want a newer PSX with the SuperScope feature.. so I might as well get one pre-modded; and that knowingly works.

As for my Saturns.. one is a black US "oval-button" (pretty much un-moddable) and the other is a white JAP import "round button" and I don't want to screw with that one; leaving it "stock". So now I want a black US round button.. once again.. pre-modded so I know it works.

I'm not good at electronics and soldering.. old & shakey.

If your next question is

"Why do you have or want so many versions of each console?"

My answer is.. because..
Just thought I'd bump this.. as it's been three months and I'm still looking for a modded Saturn and a FZ-10 (Got a modded Playstation). The eBay sales are.. of course.. over. I still have the Quantum card to trade; as well as a "semi-functional" White JAP Saturn (see here) . I AM willing to pay for either item as well.. just give me a price. As far as the modded Saturn goes.. you'd be surprised.
Yes.. a Quantum 3D X-24 Obsidian. Awesome card for it's time. It's actually TWO Voodoo 2 cards in SLI on one big PCI card (originally retailed for $399). I kept it in my main machine until recently because it still gave me Glide support; at resolutions above 800 X 600 (last of the pass through cards). I've ran into a few very new games lately (seems to be those based on the Unreal 2 engine) that always detect IT as my primary card; and then I can't play the game (because they don't support Voodoo2.. of course.). My primary video card is an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon.
actually the lasers in the 1001 and 5501 models are quite good you jusy have to slightly tweak the pot screws. My modded 5501 works great with the internal mod or the pro action replay.