WANTED: DC controller board


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In a nutshell: my dc's controller mainboard has issues up the yinyang because i am soldering retarded and i need a new one.

So, if anybody has any busted dcs and extra dc controller boards (that work :
: ), let me know please.
Do you mean a dc motherboard or just a controller motherboard? Like for the controller? I've just never heard them reffered to as motherboards is all maybe cirucuit boards but never motherboards on a controller. You could just go buy one for like 5 bucks...
I'm guessing he means what would correctly be called a daughterboard, sitting right behind the four controller ports at the front of the Dreamcast. Best bet might be to just pick up a used one for parts... one, maybe, that comes with a broken GD-ROM drive but works fine otherwise. Then take the, erm, daughterboard out of that one.
Right, i'm looking for the controller "daughterboard" and i would like to know if anyone has this extra part (assuming they have a broken dc or just an extra controller board).