Was Super Gt (Scud Race) released for Saturn?

nope...its very similar tho. Scud Race was originally going to be a Dreamcast launch title in Japan but was scrapped. they even used it as a tech demo to sell the system to developers. mebbe well see it on the xbox with SEGA bringing out the old games finally.
Nope.Scud Race is a Model 3 arcade game and would look awfull on the Saturn.A Dreamcast version never came so will a xbox never come since sega is planing to convert only Mega Drive,SS and DC games to the box.
oh yeah...forgot it was only "released" games :) i would still kill for arcade perfect VF 1,2, and 3 on one compilation cd....2 was close on the Saturn and 3 was iffy on the DC...i want PERFECT :)