way of the warrior


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so i thought i'd put this here. Is it just me or does this game rock once you get around the poorly animated charecters? The music (all done by rob a.k.a white zombie) kicks ass and that awsome skeleton regergitation thing in the lava pit scared the bajeezus outta me the first time i saw it. So does any one else like this game? OH yeah, and anyone know where I can get some of the music tracks to that game... dying to hear this one particualr song... nvm.
I love that game It's a pretty awesome fighter.

The variety of characters is impressive, not to mention the cool stage fatalities (like knocking them through the roof onto the concrete floor) never figured out why mags game it such low scores back in the day, hell at least it's better than SHADOW war of succession!! LOL

It's pretty simple to get the songs from this game, they were taken from two of White Zombie's first albums, La Sexorciso and Super-Sexy Swingin' Sounds.

If you like those check out Astro Creep 2000, it's also kicks!
well do you know the name of the song that plays in the background when you are selecting a stage? that's the one. The one that sounds like "walkin' through the desert ____ so tormented. goddamn spread the hate!" You probably don't know what i'm talking about, but if you do please reply. I could always rip the game but it's very scratched...
I Think I know which song you're talking about, the name of the song is "Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag"

That is one awesome tune, I like "thunderkiss '65" (gotta love those WZ song titles LOL) Those songs are off the La Sexorciso CD
do you know an actual SITE that has this song for download? I know robzombie.com has rob zombie songs, but so far i've found no white zombie songs... guess they're forgotten... oh crap. Nothing in the rules about this so i think it' ok... man i've ben a member for 5 months now i should no this crap...
Nope, all I can suggest is dig around on google for it.

Or go pick up the CD, I got mine for $8 US when it was on sale at The Warehouse, it's an old CD so you could prolly find some good prices.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@June 11 2002,21:29

If i ripped the cd, would those music tracs be binchunked? Can a pc even read 3do discs?

you can rip the cd, but its not an iso9600 filesystem, so you cant actually view any of the files on the cd

im pretty sure none of them use redbook cd audio either, so you cant rip them like that
I got winmx now but why can't i even get at least one result for Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag?
i tried it for ya. i typed in welcome to planet motherfucker in winmx search.

and i got.................. 29 results.

keep it simple like welcome to planet motherfucker and you'll get it fo sure.
yah but you don't understand. Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag and just Welcome To Planet Motherfucker are two different songs.
Actually, WTPM is just the intro to Psychoholic slag, they *should* be the same mp3 file, unless some moron split the two.

if you can't find the combo, look for just Psycoholic slag.

In this particular case, I think it's alot less trouble to just buy the CD, the album's full of bitchin' songs so it's not like you're wasting the $$$ or anything.
bah the link don't work but it was a funny beavis and butthead wav about sexual education. I got another white zombie question. I'm burning a compilation of all the best white/rob zombie songs for me and my friend, if i could but 16 on there of white and 16 on there of rob, what would you recomend in order from best to worst?