Carhart and Eric Clapton(see what they have in common)

Sup fellas, and ladies. I must say, I've just gotten back from what I can simply describe as a religious experience. I saw god himself, and he played one mean guitar, some of you might also know him as a man called Eric Clapton. He makes it look so damn easy, and while he might not be the most technically proficient guitarists of all time, he can make that strat cry like no other man.

Now, this show was obviously a big deal for me, so I took great pride in standing up for nearly the entire duration of the concert. I mean c'mon, it's Eric Fucking Clapton!!! How can you sit down for that!! Right, you can't, I hear ya. Of course, the 2 good ol' boys (white t-shirt, blue jeans, bud light, and a carhart jacket) sitting behind us thought very differently. After about 30minutes of saying, "Sit the fuck down!" every 2seconds, and us, gleefully ignoring their request, except during some of the slower songs(not because they said so, cause we felt like it) one of these fellas grabbed me and said....

"Look, I'm gonna ask you nicely once. Sit the fuck down or I'm gonna beat your ass!!". Or something to that effect (it was an intense moment, so it may not be an exact quote, but pretty close.).

And of course, his buddy being the cool one said, "Now we don't want any trouble, but if you don't sit down someone is getting dragged out of here,"

And me, being the stubborn son of a bitch that I am said, "If you want to watch the concert sitting down you can go out and buy the fucking DVD,". My girlfriend(who is awesome) had a few choice words of her own for them at this point, but they basically ignored her since hillbillies don't hit women who aren't their wives.

My response I felt was fitting for the moment, and I gotta admit, I wasn't happy to be threatened by 2 truck drivin', sister humpin', cried in my beer when I had to shoot my dog hillbillies, but I am not going to be told to sit down at a damn Clapton concert when all they gotta do is lean over in there chair and look around us (the seats are at an incline)... Or stand up themselves.

Anyways, at this point I'm fairly agitated, so I make it a point to stand up during every song, regardless of tempo or mood. Knees were shaking a bit I gotta admit, but c'mon, having balls doesn't mean u don't get nervous (Seriously, I was not wanting to throw down with these fools).

Now a few songs later this guy does the same thing to the guy next to us(our whole row was standing), this dude is only like 5ft 5in and 140lbs at best, and he just tells the guy to fuck off. Immediately following his comment this man proceeded to grab this little guy around the neck (his one hand nearly wrapped all the way around) and pulled him over his chair.

So at this point it's all gone to shit, I'm sittin' here(standing really) pulling this drunk ass redneck off this hippy lookin' dude(really nice guy btw), his buddy is about to start throwin' punches(hillbillies in groups = bad), so I figure I got about 3 1/2 seconds before something really bad happens. So I bolt to find a security guard, cause I'm not about to have an all out brawl, possibly get my ass kicked in the process, and get booted out of a Clapton show. And btw, with all this goin' on you think someone might actually try to get a security guard while I'm yankin' this guy off of a kid(that he's fucking choking for fuck sakes!!!), instead they all stood around picking the underwear out of their asses. Thanks guys.

Long story short, they got booted from the show (the 2 rednecks, not the hippy dude), some more deserving people got their seats (no complaints from them), and the rest of the show fucking rocked. Clapton is GOD!!!

So yeah, that was my night. How was yours? :)