r3 rogue Gundam

My second fav Saturn Game Gundam! Hope to get into it more one day once i can finish Gun Griffon 2. I found this half built model Gundam years ago for two bux in an op shop. Finally finished it's custom paint job and made up some story about it. None of the following below is remotely true.

r3 rogue GUNDAM extreme.

A most incredible Gundam pilot. Someone please call 'Ripley's believe it or not' if you still have an analog phone. They said he went crazy from too much action and slipped away in exile. Forgotten.

No. No i am afraid not folks. The truth, my furry little friends is much, much darker. r3 went to ground, that is true for sure no doubt. When r3 went to ground though, ...r3 put in work son, r3 somehow mastered then perfected radical Gundam modifications never thought possible, let alone imagined to begin with.

For reasons still not known, ...r3 took the humble, yet graceful stock standard issue Gundam GPO1, and turned it into something extra ugly, or something extra unstoppable. Either way it's a game changer game over from any angle backslash direction you attempt running off towards...

To date, the only confirmed visual modification's include, a raised engine hood for double cooling intake, multiple heat sinks, daisy chained to over compensate running her constantly in the red with additional jerry rigged fire power, ...which technically shouldn't even be able to function without catastrophic overload, exploding after squeezing the trigger once killing every living thing within 100 yards. Finally a re-enforced shield in two specific points, turns "up close and personal" defence into a monolithic mother of all hail bird smack down with zero to fuck all probability chance of surviving any critical structural hit offense. Nuts!

Everyone said he was crazy or dead, yet here he is, ...r3 in your face. How did he do it? Who exactly is this r3 character and why did he have to be such a genius in the first place anyway? Well, we may never know. We just may never know.

...because r3 didn't just re-invent the term "stoopid dope mad combat engagements" with mysterious hi-tech, possibly extraterrestrial in origin, quantum radar neutralizing 3D individual printable paint pigment, or take it to the next level, as if that was even possible, formulating extensive custom camouflaged colour selections to confuse and disorientate you're ass even more than it was before you thought you may have only just seen a mirage at first, followed closely after by imminent death. Well, that was no mirage muppet. That was a worse case scenario, didn't even see a r3 coming take down with a bonus no mercy full frontal money shot, blurry vision the very last thing you see before it's lights out bro.

r3 rogue Gundam. This is no joke man.