We want Myst back!

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Okay first off, whitesnake look at this URL....look who was staff with skank and me...picking up on any of this?

Staff page 2000

Secondly, Bug is now an Admin...if you thought he was on your side...well we'll see.
Maybe this board need a new administrator team ???

(Change avatars of users isn't good for sx boards)
Originally posted by whitesnake@July 17 2002, 12:33 pm

so basically you bought him out.

you are as stupid as you sound.

i've been making fun of you the whole time, you never caught on. HAHAHAHAHAH

shame you're banned, i could've been laughing for weeks to come.
For future reference.

1) Iceman2k deleted the original thread.

2) Bugula has known Skank and I for years....we attended Bug's wedding for goodness sake (granted we were not invited...)

3) All Your Custom Titles are Belong to Us.

That is all.
Not open for further replies.