What actually happened to team Andromeda?

i heard they broke up, i heard they were abducted by aliens.. what actually happened?

Who is developing Orta? Please say overworks!!
Smilebit is developing it. Team Andromeda disbanded but many of those original members are now part of Smilebit.

Not sure of who exactly though...

I do know that the original composer is working on Orta.
I heard that they broke up, with some of the core members staying with Sega and others going to Polyphony Digital, which was the dev house responsible for the notably PD-like PSX shooter Omega Boost. However, I've also heard that this was just a rumor, and that no such thing ever occurred, OB essentially being a PD knockoff. More authoritative sources support the notion that the Team Andromeda members, for the most part, are now working for Smilebit. It also seems that Andromeda members are indeed working on Panzer Dragoon Orta...
Omega Boost is a great game for the PSX, don't think it got the attention it deserved, the gameplay is very similar to the Panzer Dragoon games except for the fact that it's a mech-based game.
Polyphony also made a little-known racing game series called "Gran Turismo", you may have heard of it. But I agree, Omega Boost is a great game, even if the tunnel level is a total bitch.
Andromeda? Isn't that the most powerful warship in the known galaxies or something, or is it the name of some constellation?