What apps do you use to code in Linux?


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What programs do you guys use to code in Linux? On the Windows side I used to use Visual Studio before .Net (can't stand it now). Up till now I've been using Kate (an awesome KDE editor :cheers ) and a command prompt to code. I feel the need to step through variables and loops and stuff, so what do you guys use? I'm downloading Anjuta right now, going to give that a try.
KDevelop might be worth a look. If you only want a GUI for debugging there's many to choose from, eg. ddd, Kdbg etc.
I couldn't get Anjuta to work for some reason, I'll look for a newer version and try again. Eclipse had my favorite UI, and compiled my code well after I install the C\C++ plugins. However I couldn't figure out how to execute C code. :blink: Kdevelop seemed decent, and that's what I ended up using.
Just be super lazy like me and use php-gtk, tulip works fine as an editor for it. Although if its for a serious project I wouldn't recommend it.
I like emacs and vi for text editors. If you want a full blown IDE, Kdevelop is nice. For GTK apps, you should check out glade. It's a gui designer so you can focus on your code instead of writing even loops for windows and what-not.

If you want to go cross-platform, check out wxwidgets and wxglade.