What are the chances.. phantasy star and FMegaMix

What do you believe the chances of sega developing a new phatasy star game in the near future are? and for what system?

my bets are on Ps2 since overworks is developing for that, i hope after PSO goes well on gamecube they re think number 4 being the final game in series.

Also, how many of you out there want a FIGHTERS MEGAMIX sequel? what do you think the chances of that happening are ?

Wouldnt it be cool to have kind of a "smash brothers" franchise character fighting game for sega?>\

Ryo hazuki anyone?

perhaps battling as a HUmar or Azel? the gunstar heroes?

what are your thoughts..
A new FMM... hard, pretty hard. Prolly when Sega get more stable at this whole 3rd party thing...

Ash for PS, there are rumors that Sega's gonna re-make PSIV for GBA. A rough rumor based on the fact that it was left-out from the GBA Phantasy Star Collection (for memory reasons, since the first 3 games requires 2.25 MBs, while PSIV needs 3MBs. The common GBA cart has 4MB, and usually developers won't spend extra cash in classic re-packs).

Interesting not that... Sega isn't doing any new RPG right now? All RPGs under work are mere ports (PSO, Skies of Arcadia, PS series). Maybe they are waiting for more recognition on the 3rd party market before spilling out RPGs (that usually have longer production times and costs, and need to be done and marketed properly in order to sell).
I like Fighters Megamix, but the fighting was very unfair. Fighting Vipers characters had armor while Virtua Fighter characters didn't. Plus if you get Janet (from Virtua Cop 2) you can use her gun and kill people in 2 or 3 shots. Although the game is cool, it's really unbalanced. If they ever do a Fighters Megamix 2 I hope they do some thinking so the fighting would be balanced.
knowing sega they would, i just enjoy the fact that you could bound around the arena, throw out all kinds of crazy combos, and when it was all over knock your opponent through a wall!, fighting vipers 2 was not too great, if they did make another they would learn from the mistakes of that mess..

Unfair? naaaw, the FV characters really stunk, if you could fight well enough with the VF characters you wouldnt have a prob, plus damage goes up when armor is broken
when is soul caliber 2 coming out???

and as for everything else said zzz

i wouldn't mind seeing a new Phantasy Star or a new shining force