What are the most prized systems that you own?


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What are your most prized system that you own?

Mine are my Sega CDX and my JVC X'Eye.

The X'Eye still works great but the Sega CDX has issues restarting while playing Genesis games every minute or so. I have replace all the capacitors to no effect either.

I guess in terms of what I still own, I really want to say my Saturn or the Dreamcast, but truthfully probably my 3DS XL.

I think I'd change that to Saturn if I had some of my old collection back, but as it stands, my 3DS XL has the best games in my personal library so I suppose I'd consider it my most treasured too.
Of all of the shit in my cluttered game room, I would my Saturn the most if something happened to it.

My simple, basic model 2 US Saturn.
I used to think that it would be my Neo Geo AES, but after acquiring it and tiring of it, I don't know. All of the systems I had as a kid were lost involuntarily, so I have no sentimental attachment to any of the game systems I have now.