What are your plans for this Thanksgiving day?


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I am having a bunch of family memebers comming over.

Havent seen my cousins in a while.

What are you doing?
Already went to my girlfriend's for breakfast before she goes to her aunt's place for dinner. Then she's coming over here tonight. My aunt and uncle are already here for the day and my cousin and his new wife are coming up too. Should be fun! Although I have a slight upset stomach. I hope it subsides before tonight. Of all the days... ???
We're probably having a big chicken. My family donated the (rather large) turkey to a family who needed it more. That's what it's all about, right?
imma have dinner at the BAR

then probally masturbate, play some videogames and possibly watch friday again

tomorow i go to see my daddy, eat ALOT, sleep ALOT and probably sepnd more than a few hours with my gba
My wife and I are thankful to have escaped the annual family travesty/madness sooner than usual. My in-laws are just loud and shallow people, and my own family is far away in Germany (where there is no Thanksgiving). Ohwell.
i ate a lot visited my family. had a humourous conv with somebody in which i basically got 100% smartass with the guy and insulted his inteligence with out him knowing(note he wants to kill me for some reason lol oooops maybe it's because i cheated with his girl)
Well I had lots of sex, and then some turkey, then some sex, then some family time, then some sleep. *O_O*
I just got back from my week-long vacation.

I'm sure nobody even noticed I was gone from here

Anyway, we went to visit my family in Michigan. It was the first time I've been "back home" since last Christmas. It was great to see everybody again. Also it was so relaxing to get away from everything and be in calm MI compared to busy CA.

The whole familiy and us went to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving dinner and watched the Lions lose again.

Nice to be back at our apartment, but we already miss MI.