what do u think of a X-Box

i dont know if its a good idea to buy an x-box now that the price has dropped to $200.

i want to play games like halo, jet set radio future and other sega games that has been anounced to the x-box from sega.

but i dont know very good the situation of the system overseas, specially in japan, because i hear the sells in japan are not very nice so i dont want to throw my mony

what did you recommend me

should i buy it, you know....are $200 plus games and accesories.....
I'm buying myself a chipped one mainly for the DiVX player andf VCD so far, but there will be other hombrew projects

As for commercially... I don't like the machine, couple of good games, nothing to write home about. In Japan and Europe, both the PS2 and the Gamecube are outselling the Box.
Microsoft is selling an "amazing" 2000 systems a week.(in Japan)Thats what they get, for saying the xbox would sell 100million worldwide...
the X box has never impressed me.

It doesn't seem to be the best machine out there.

Although it has some OK grafx,

there are really no ''WOW" titles on it.

Besides, anything that has the word "Microsoft" on it immediately gets points taken away in my book.

I personally think it's not worth it, the Gamecube and The PS2 seem to be better systems in my opinion.

(hope I don't offend too many of you Box'ers out there in SX land
Actualy, I just bought an XBox about a week ago. The only game I have for it currently is Halo, but just from that I can tell the system can produce some pretty amazing effects. The system is huge, the controlers are awkward (at first), and its made by M$, but if you dont move your systems around alot, and you can stand the thought of having a system made by M$, it realy is a pretty decent system. However, if you don't already own one, I would say get a PS2 before even looking at an XBox, as its lineup of titles is (so far) entirly superior to M$'s system.

But thats just my opinion. If you live near any places that let you test the systems (Wallmart/Target/etc.) put it through its paces yourself to see what you think.
My opinion is that the PS2 has more titles at the moment, and some quality ones, but the release lineup jsut seems like sequals to get more money form popular Sony franchises. (Yes, I know I can't spell).

The Cube just has Ninendo games, that's about it, and Super Monkey Ball, which for me, made it worth a purchase.

If you plan to get an Xbox, get Halo, JSRF, Rallisport Challenge, Morrowind (If you don't have a very nice PC which clan play with all the graphics at max and at a high res, otherwise you'll be better off with Xbox version), and Hunter the Reckoning (c'mon, every system needs some zombie blasting fun
). There are other games which are not must buys that you would probably enjoy. Edit: Oh man, how did I forget Gunvalkyrie, get that too

Although the Xbox doesn't have the best game library now, it has the best lineup IMO.

As for Xbox doing bad in Japan, what would you expect from a country who engineers fruits to be cube shaped to save room in their refrigerators? The real reason it's not doign well there, probably is the lack of strange japanese games at the moment...
A few X-box japanese oddities were announced... dunno if they were released yet. But no dating sims yet, so...

Everyone seems to forget that small game called 'Panzer Dragoon'. I'd buy that massive amount of black plastic, and would struggle to find space for it in my room, just to experience that game, as a PD fan.

But it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expesive around here you guys can't even imaginate. Know when the CDX came out, and you looked at the price and said:


It's the same thing with the X-box (and the Cube AND the PS2 as well... this sucks).
It's a great system, dont hestiate to buy one, Halo is superb as u must have heard, loads of exclusive games have been announced for it, Online play will be huge later this year....there are plenty of sim games coming out inc Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 just been announced for Xbox only, I've been playing videogames since 1980 and it's one of the best systems I've owned with a great future, the CDX is due out in July by Datel btw.
Online play with the system currently is pretty damn decent with gamespy arcade. I want to get 4 xboxes hooked up for massive ass team multiplayer halo *drools*
Well people let me tell you all my ipinion on all of this XBOX talk.

I think XBOX is most advanced game systems yet to be made and anything beginning from internal HD ending internal Broadband copability averything is very well made in it ......sound is AMAZING ... in halo my Yamaha 5.1 Decoder and ncie 500 WATT Sony speakers giving me sound that i can say.. people I am really really can feel the game .....

Now I got my point that XBOX is nice pease of hardware now let's talk about games ...

Well games that out there is not really what you can expect from powerfull XBOX .. BUT ....... look at it this way many many many games are still in development and let me tell you something HALO took about 11 mounth to develop from scratch so people think about it .... developers are humans too they need time to explore all that complicated programmed NVidia's GPU and all that bump-mapping shit ..... well what I am saying ... give it a 6 more mounth ......and you'll see what XBOX has to offer

Pease !
i want an xbox. but i heard for all of you anti-intel ppl out there the xbox 2 or whatever ms will call it will have an amd processor inside. also does anyone know if you can pop out the p3 thats inside of it and throw in a faster one? even if the speed is locked a p3 that can handle higher speeds will perform better and run cooler hehehehe
. anyways as for the mod chip i dunno about that thing though ms has probably analysed it and made sure the next batch of xbox's no work with it. and has anyone heard about all the law suits against the chip makers ms is filing. but besides that i really wonder why anyone would want to pay 200 usd for a ps2 when its outdated hardware.
Man, after Halo was in developement for PC and Mac for a long time it seemed sweet back then, but when they started over and then switched to Xbox it became amazing.

I agree, we have yet to see very many real classics for Xbox, but they are coming. The releases for this summer, fall, and winter will kill my cash supply, not to mention my time supply...

As for the mod-chips, many can be updated without replacement through your pc, so I doubt MS will be able to stop piracy, although they may delay it for some people. I think the best use of a hip though is the homebrew possibilities which it opens.
i think its cool to have home brews for playing divx and vcds and wma's and other pirated stuff but i think if ppl really started to copy and play burned games then they would get pissy.