What do you guys think of the new Enterprise Series?


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I havent seen a good Star Trek since DS9, Voyager kinda sucked. This is great so far, lots of action!

I give it 2 thumbs up.
Voyager sucked? That was my favoret star trek to watch, the one that I thought sucked most was deep space 9. I havn't seen the new Startrek yet, actualy I don't watch much tv, I watch Dragon Ball Z and some other cartoon network show, and I like the simpsons but other then that I don't ever see much. When I use the TV set, its for games, I like using it for them more then shows.

P.S. - Iceman2k, you a big treky? Just wondering seening as this post seams, well, strange for a sega site to have.
Enterprise is alright. (The Theme Song is goofy). If you can last through it, it can be a pretty good show. Thought I think the inconsistencies (e.g., the Klingons, the technology, etc. Button panels would've been better...) would offend the average trekker, I think it's acceptable.

I liked voyager and ds9 for the values as role models (i.e., woman and a black captain), but I don't think kids watched the shows...
I'm not that much of a "Trekkie" but I do like the shows. Not that many good shows on TV nowadays :(

You dont need cable to watch it, its on UPN.
UPN is a relatively new network; they still don't have affiliates everywhere (especially in places where there wasn't already an independent station for them to grab; in the Denver area channel 20 became UPN). However here (Eagle, CO) you can't even get it on cable, unless you've got satellite or a #### of an antenna, there's no way to watch it.

As for Enterprise, I think it's pretty good so far, and surprisingly good overall for so early in a Trek series. I actually don't think the theme song is a reallly bad song, but I can't help but wonder what they were thinking when they chose it as an ST theme (aside from maybe "weak attempt to appeal to a bigger audience", cf. titling the show "Enterprise" rather than "Star Trek: Enterprise").
Enterprise is alright but it needs some good story's FAST otherwise it will become the worst of all the star trek shows

which is unfortunate cuz it has potential to be good (just like The Lone Gunmen had potential but the writters killed it with lackluster stories)
I have to download the episodes to get them at all here. I like it ok, but they need to do something about those uniforms.. they all look the same, and since most of the crew are "average americans", I still have probs specifically identifying who does what.. on the other shows, you had different uniform colors, and most importantly, different races for the different things.. like Worf being security, Data, Odo, etc.

Also, the storylines are only ok.. nothing really great yet.

we'll see how it goes, I'll keep downloading them.
this weeks episode (The andorian incident) was pretty good, I enjoyed it. the worst so far was episode 4, Strange new world.. that one downright sucked, old story, boring story.. blah.
I kinda like Ent. I totally agree with Ice about it being the best since DS9. Voyager was OK, but only the last two seasons got me to watch [even then not every week]. TNG was unviewable for me - death to JLPic. I'm not a big Trek fan in general, but if the eps are decent I'll give 'em a watching. So far, so good with Ent. Not great mind you, but if I'm home it's a decent time filler.
The technology / timeline aspects still bother me, but I'm giving it a chance. (The first talking computer was installed on the Enterprise in the first Trek movie, before that all the messages were printed on paper. However, even with todays technology having the computer print messages on paper would be really stupid so I can see why they chose to ignore that.)

I still wish they'd make a TV series based on Peter David's New Frontier novel series. It is set in the same timeline as TNG and DS9, and would allow the stories to venture away from the restrictions of the Federation without actualy leaving the Federation (Voyager's greatest failing, short of the continuity errors). And John Wesley Shipp (who played The Flash and was the dad in The Neverending Story II) would make a perfect Captain Mackenzie Calhoun.

Hmmm... BTW, possible spoiler or a neglected fact: James Kirk's dad is a maintainance crew member of the Enterprise somewhere about the time of this new series, per "Best Destiny."