what do you guys think of this


every now and then i have a bad dream

my house has been broken into and most of my sega stuff has been stolen with the exception of the master system and a few games

now none of my other stuff has been taken --all my other consoles are still sitting in their spots and thier games too
Well, at least your SMS is safe!

Try to paint your PSX black and write SEGA on it to see if it's stolen

I gotta show this to my friends...

They just call me a sega freak... I'll let them now this thread...

Maybe then I'll be confused as a *sony* fanboy...
Hey IBarracudaI, nice point! Maybe I won't be known to my friends as the "SegaFreak" anymore!

Yeah, and paint your SEGAs grey and put SONY logos on them.
Just hide all your stash behind an XBox. It's big enough, and whoever breaks in looking to steal a game system ain't gonna look past it. They'll grab it and be on their way out.
you don't usually have a dream the next night where you get home and one of your windows has been broken

inside you find a garbage bag full of all your sega stuff

lovingly returned to you after the thieves realise none of it's worth anything

btw. freudian as it might be i think skank's right
Oddly enough, i think i just had the first dream that i wasn't in and it was about dudes on some let's screw all the chicks crusade. Weird

Anyway, if you're not playing around, what's your first response to your sega being stolen?