What do you think of the new Sonic music video?

Now, are you talking about the Dance/Rave mix music video?

"They call me Sonic, 'cuz I am faster than sound......"

If thats the case, then I would heartily agree. If it's something else, then I wouldn't know. :huh
It's alright... I like the part where it flips around alot (about 3min. into the movie. Kinda took a while to get though, only went about 37 kb/s
I think the author of that video should've compressed the audio instead of using PCM, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo which took up about 39 MB alone. If, for example, 192 kpbs bit-rate MP3 was used for the audio component, the total size would've been like 29 MB instead of 62.5 MB (which would really save a lot of bandwidth at minimal reduction in audio quality


Anyway, the video was pretty decent. Finally see Shadow in action.
ya makin it 192kbit mp3 woulda been good. also usin mpeg4 v3 is shitty, its a worthless codec. divx 3 woulda been better at the very least. divx 502 pro with a bitrate of 2760 woulda made it look alot better. an on a 2pass it'd be around 40mb for the whole thing, probably less.
b4 was comment from the guy that said the audio was pcm. now that i've watched it i gotta tell ya.



go read, omfg thats the worst encoding i've seen in a long time.

theres a color bar down the middle. the source looks like it met with a bad deinterlacer. captured at a bad aspect ratio.

use divx 5pro

if you still have the source redo it. you can make that 3min vid be about 35mb at 2760. the video itself wasnt all that bad tho

edit: forgot 2 mention those macro blocks. thats the main reason mpeg4 v3 is shit