What does this quote refer to?

"However, if Yuji Naka has his way, who knows..?" -From the front news page.

Has Yuji Naka said he wishes to make another sega console?
In an interview (linked to in the news section and discussed in this forum, just browse backwards a bit) he commented that he hoped Sega would eventually return to the hardware business. Some people took it to mean that Sega is currently planning or is actually making a new console.
From what I understand, it was simply a mistranslation from something along the lines of "Let's wait and see..." to "I'll do my best", when asked about the possibility of a new Sega console.
I think he meant he would like to, but getting Sega to go for it would be tough

that's a very rough summary of what was said by the English translator
I mean, even if "I'll do my best" is an accurate translation, it could mean pretty much anything..

"I'll do my best" to make games that sell well to help put Sega in a financial position where a console would be viable..

"I'll do my best" to convince the rest of the company it's worth taking the risk on..

Whatever he meant, he is but one guy at the company. It just so happens he's a high profile guy so what he says tends to get read into.

I'd be lying if I didn't say it's given me a glimmer of hope though