What ever happened to The Codeman

Hi all,

Do any of you remember The Codeman. I use to visit his website and ftp constantly a year or 2 ago and then they both just disappeard into thin air.
I remember him. Don't know the story behind why he left without a trace, though I know It was a while ago now. Sometime towards the end of 2002 I tried to find his site but had no luck.

Biggest 3do ftp ive ever seen also
Some people come and go... Remember Alexx Kidd, the guy who translated Ninpen Manmaru into English ? And TheMorph, who had one of the first Saturn FTP around ?

His message board used to be here but it is no more. I don't ever remember there being very much traffic on it though. It is weird how some people just disappear. Do they just forget completely about the sites they used to visit all the time? Don't you think they'd come back once in a while to see what was up? Hmm.
The translated Ninpen Manmaru ISO must be floating in the FTPs... It's called Ninpen Manmaru beta.

I know that some people "just disappear" when they stop beeing students or find a girlfriend

I remember the Codeman said once that his FTP was located on his own computer connected to his university network...

Originally posted by Djidjo+Apr 2, 2003 @ 02:47 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Djidjo @ Apr 2, 2003 @ 02:47 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'>Some people come and go... Remember Alexx Kidd, the guy who translated Ninpen Manmaru into English ? And TheMorph, who had one of the first Saturn FTP around ?


Haha, I still remember Alex Kid. He was here when SX was still using Ikonboard 2.X.
His website used to be here, but it's been long dead.

Also, I want to clarify that the English translation was actually done by Simon Fang (see excerpts below). It was Alex Kid who applied the translation into the ISO of the game and released a 144KB hack. This reminds me, I should email IceMan2k to have him put up Alex Kid's Ninpen Manmaru English hack on the translation page.

Originally posted by Alex Kid's CPYRIGHT.TXT file@ May 14, 2001 @ 11:00 PM


Copyright 1997 Mikio Igarashi, TAMTAM, Enix, Asahi TV, Dentsu, Shinei animation.

Ninpen Manmaru Project v0.2

English translation-

© 2001 Simon Fang (osenbei@hotmail.com)

English Hack-

© 2001 Alex Kid (alexkid@softhome.net)

A special thanks to -



and the others on the SegaXtreme message board who helped.

<!--QuoteBegin-Alex Kid's BIBLIO.TXT
@ May 10, 2001 @ 09:09 PM

Notes for the Ninpen beta hack-


Thanks for downloading the beta version of Ninpen Manmaru, i hope you all have fun testing the game.

The aim of the hack is to get all of the game in English, but due to my lack of knowledge on graphic formats i have only been able to hack the story sections, which is most of the text. The game is still 100% playable even if you don't know Japanese.

I will appreciate all feed back, as i would want all bugs solved before making the general release.

Things i would like you to look out for include any game crashes, spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Also if you think of the text would be better if written in some other way (including the sfx the characters make), please forward all sugestions.

Please note -

* I know the subtitles often lag behind the audio, but there is not much i can do, but i am trying to make it better.

* Not all can be translated, this includes;

1: Title screen - this gives you two options "start new game" or "continue saved game". Also the copyright information.

2: The Load/Save screen - here you have the option to first choose either "internal" or "external" ram. Then you choose one of the three save slots.

3: Map Screen - This comes up before each new area, basically it show where you are going in the next area. not too important.

4: Credits - ?, well i can't locate the credits and i am yet to finish the game (i am hopeless at 3D platfrom games, though i do like them, thats why the beta testing is important), for all i know the credits maybe in English already.

Once again thanks for trying the beta version, i can't wait for the feed back . Also if anyone can get me some screen shots for my web site i'll be happy

Have fun,

Alex Kid

P.S. -

A play tip, to do a tumble jump (it lets you jump futher), jump three times in a row while running.
ok, Simon Fang did the translation, but the hardest was to do the hack. As far as I know, there are only 2 Staurn game hacks today : Ninpen from Alex Kid and Langrisser III from CyberWarriorX. That's really a pity Alex Kid left without writing a documentation <_<

That's also strange he didn't claim for any "glory", I mean he looked like he didn't care a lot if people would use his hack or not...
Actually, Alex Kid did document his project at his site. However, his site has been dead for a while now (not sure if he moved though). Check your email, I've copied you in on the email I sent to IceMan2k asking him to put up Alex Kid's hack on the Translations page.
No luck finding The Codeman, all I could come up with was a dead dns2go link...

However, there were two people registered here with similar names:

Codeman last post May 22, 2002

Codeman1 last post August 23, 2001

Any connection? Who knows...