what good game r there for sega cd?

Since I can't get onto any of the ftp's I was going to buy

some sega cd games. I was wondering what are some decent games for the system? I'm already getting sonic cd, popful mail and hopefully night trap? I heard mansion of hidden souls is good. Any suggestions?
The lunar games are good if you don't already own the playstation ones. Also, you will probably want to get Dark Wizard as well, its a very good anime based stratagy game, its one of my favorite (and some of my friends) game for the system.
Dune totally rocks. Esp. if you've read the books. It really grabs you, and sucks you into the world of The Spice.

Don't forget about Eternal Champions CD, Final Fight CD, Samurai Shodown, and Snatcher.

Have fun. :)
definately get Final Fight CD. as much as I love RPGs (Final Fantasy :)), I play Final Fight more than Lunar. Mortal Kombat CD is pretty good (my opinion, the best of the six home conversions of the original)
I burned a copy of Secret of monkey island, and the load times were unbeleivably long. Took at least 10 sec's to go from one area to another, I think I would rather stick to pc for that game.
Fatal Fury Special is also very good. I forgot about it too. :) It's bit hard for my tastes. Don't know why, but I've never done very well with it. I can kick it's ass on NeoGeo or Saturn [well, Fatal Fury 3 on Saturn].

I agree with Fabby on Monkey Island. The load times just took me out of it. I couldn't stay "in" the story with those looooooooong loads.
The same might be said for the long load time between matches for games like EC and MK. Although there's no story going on. I do recommend them though.

Others I've enjoyed: Snatcher, Lunar, Flashback, Wing Commander, Rise of the Dragon. Third World War looks pretty cool but I haven't really had a chance to play it yet.
I'll echo with Snatcher, EC, and Rise of the Dragon. All excellent games, esp Snatcher. One of my all time faves.

Other good ones are Heard of the Alien (Out of the world Pt 2, has both games on the disc), Willy Beamish (fun, but very slow load times) and Road Avenger.
And, what about Shilpeed, Soul Star, Earth Worm Jim or Pugsy CD ?

They are great games too !!
If you like shooters their are also Robo Aleste and Android Assualt/Bari Arms, and Keio Flying Squadron. I also enjoyed Flink as well. Their also Dungeon Explorer if your into action/RPGs
Yeah, those shooters are nice. Also Popful Mail is cool if you can get a copy for a decent price.
everyone already named all the favs i owned back in the day so i can't recomend anything that anyone else hasn't said.(willy beamish was my all time favorite, and both rise of the dragon and monkey island i enjoyed)

oh i just thouht of one that i liked to play shinning force