What happened to irc page?

Hello. I guess this goes out to the webmasters...

What happened to the irc page? The one with mircstats?

Just wondering because I am using mircstats for my channel and am interested in knowing what setting you guys used to generate interesting captures of channel activity.

Also, i would like to know if it is possible to eliminate triggers from appearing on members' quotes?
The triggers I dont know about. Also about IRC....lets say some thought it was stupid and brought SX down. Those who DO use it already know where it is. But new people complain that once they go in they get disrespected and so on.
ok. oh well.
If anyone can help with the triggy question i'd appreciate it.
i din't like it cause i showed up and got nothin but disrespect. so i dunno but i think alot of ppl that use irc are quite immature.
It's not disrespectful in there, it's just that people come in there saying,"I'm [insert name here] and I post on your MB/run a FTP/a Sega lover, automatically respect me and bow down to how cool I am" A lot of the people are ex-SX staff members, or whatever. If you go in there looking to be the cool guy on the block it won't happen, we bash each other in there, and bash anyone that comes in demanding special attention because of the aforementioned reasons. If you can hold your own in intelligent conversation then you will be accepted. #segaxtreme is not an emotional daycare.