What is a Saturn Boot disc

I am aware of the function of a Dreamcast Boot disc; however, I had never heard of a Saturn Boot disc.

How does this work? I wouldn't think that it allows one play backups as a DC boot disc does. So, what would it boot? Import games?
no, it was originally for game developers to be able to run builds of their games. Of course, you'd need an ORIGINAL boot disc, made by the company, or SEGA,(if they even made any) to utilize it, otherwise an ISO of the boot disc is everywhere on the net, but its useless, because you'd need a chipped Saturn to run it.
This morning after reading your post, I took a hammer and "chipped" the plastic casing of my saturn -- as you instructed to allow a copied game to run.

It didn't run. I have since phoned my lawyer who has informed me that I am entitled to finacial compensation for the damage caused to my saturn because of your destructive instructions.

naw, I just fuggin with ya. This is really interesting. Does the boot disc stop the motor and allow one to replace the disc with their own code? If so, this would not only benefit developers. However, if it is only useful in real (not copied) form... then fuggit -- I'll never find one. Thanks for the info.
The disc laods some code in memory that prevents further checks to the security rings, assuming the ring on the boot disc checks out. This is of some use if you are swapping, because if you do it once, you can use copied games as much as you like without swapping again- so long as you don't turn the Saturn off between games.

There are two versions of the disc - one for third party games and one for first.