What is all this small Net traffic?

My Win2k box shares internet from a Win98 with ZoneAlarm. Today I noticed the net a little slow, and then noticed the Hub's lights kept flashing. I waited for it to stop but it took too long.

I looked at the Win98 dialup throughput and noticed bits traveling about 100 Bytes/s send and recieve.

I thought it may be Norton AV 2001 updating, but the taskmanager shows that it's 97% idle, and Nortan just sitting there. So I updated AV manually anyway, rebooted, and it still shows traffic.

I ran "netstat" on both machines in the DOS box, but neither show any activity.

What could it be? :huh
Sorry to alert everyone.

I got the hub lights confused

The small traffic was really from another Win98 computer running Bearshare.

I was just looking at the log and wondering why I noticed so many attempts to reach cable providers.
I was worried it may be a virus, but now I know it was just Bearshare trying to reach host.
There's always communication between my host computer and the client, so even if you're not running anything and you see activity its probably just a system service.