What is tao burning?

Well, i still havnet solved that Nero problem, and when i try to burn an image it says "writer does not support TAO burning" or i need a CD-RW or something. Also, when i try using CDRwin it says i dont have a supported recorder, so does that mean my pacific digital 24x can't be used to burn games? if its not supported, im gonna be really depressed... ???
"TAO" stands for "Track-At-Once". It's a recording method that stops recording after each track has been burned. This is in contrast to Session-At-Once and Disc-At-Once, which write an entire session or disc without stopping. TAO shifts tracks around in certain ways due to the stopping and restarting of the recording process; most Sega CD and Saturn games don't care about this, but e.g. PC Engine CD and PSX games typically won't work right if burned TAO. I'd make sure that you have a correct ASPI installation, the latest firmware for your drive and the latest version of whatever burning software you want to use - a drive that new shouldn't be giving you that kind of problem...