What is thing...someone's selling it on ebay...


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Hey guys check this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi....

What the #### is it? It seems too good to be true...which means it probably is...
you tape a bunch of cardboard to yer tv, with the 'lens' at the end ( you can pretty much use one of those flat 'sheet' style magnifying glasses, thats made up of a bunch of concentric circles rather than one concave lens) .. then you duct tape off any possible light source in the room.. cracks around doors, etc etc etc.. you set your tv's brightness, contrast, and color intensity controls to full blast..

then the light source from the tv sort of 'projects' onto the wall..

its a nifty science experiment but it looks like a frogs ass..

he's full of shit when he says it would work in a classroom or outside (it has to be PERFECTLY dark.. mebbe 2 AM on a starless night during a lunar eclipse in the middle of nowhere)

also note that the pictures of the people are superimposed (they aint casting a shadow).. the image of the 'projection' is probably from a source a foot or two away, no bigger than the original tv screen.. farther you get away the blurrier and worse it looks..

anyhow, his amazing lens is a buck or two in any sciency type store (they're flat magnifying lenses that fit in binders) and the instructions can be found all over (remember the old dos fractal gen cthuga? it told you how to do this in its readme.txt.. cuz its kinda neat for making funky colors on your ceiling)

duh.. rereading his blurb made me remeber what those flat magnifying glasses are.. fresnal lenses :p.. ie rather than the whole rounded concave lens, each part of the curve is cut in 'sections' and placed on the same plane (ie reducing it to a series of concentric rings---making it flat).. blah blah