What makes the Phantasy Star games so great?


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I'm just getting into RPGs, and I was just wondering what made the PS games so great?

I like good battles more than story w/ lots of dialogue.

I like leveling up, getting better weapons etc.

Do the PS games have a lot of that?
PS is practically all battling, with the main plot really only at the beginning, and end of the game.

I've never played an RPG that has stressed leveling up more than any other RPG than Phantasy Star II.

Phantasy Star III - No clue

Phantasy Star IV - Only played a few minutes (going through them all in order first), but from what I've played, it's evenly balanced ala Final Fantasy.
ps2. story and the shear neatness of it. there aren't many rpgs with futuristic settings (not translated to english anyway) and ps2 is one of the best. also it has GREAT music and dungeons that are imposible w/out a map, which is something i haven't seen since. this game and ecco are what made me buy another genesis this year. words fail me in expressing the shear coolness of this game. the coolness might be an ascosciative thing, but if you have a chance to pick it up by all means do so, or just set up a copy of gens and try it out for a few hours.

ps4. story's not bad. mainly though it's just fun to play. it's got the perfect level of challenge, not too easy and not too hard.

ps1. ehhnnn. a great game, but a great game for other people, like nights.

ps3. ehhnnn, you can find it for like 3$ at most flea markets so maybe it's worth a try. i can't figure out what exactly is wrong with this game as it has boatloads of potential, but something is seriously wrong with it


alright, i can now articualte what it is that made ps2 so great.


kinda like how ff7 has a flawed battle system and a sorta contrived story line and a bunch of other glaring flaws yet it's still one of the best games ever made and you WILL find yourself playing it all the way through (all 50-60+ hours of it)
PSI, Perhaps the best 8 bit RPG, you won't do very much leveling up, as the max level is 31. The battles are fun and the dungeons are the clincher for this game. Nowadays RPGs are too easy get through and around, and it doesn't feel like you're exploring, just following a set path. In PSI you have to pay attention to where you're going so you don't get lost.

I agree with sizone on PSII, it has a drawing atmosphere, with alot of backstory. You'll be doing of fighting for experience... but you won't be doing very much leveling up, but it'll feel so good when you do.

PSIII has very good story, I think, but i think that killed it for me, was the lack of continuity, not with the story, but the technicalities. "Cyborgs" that can be healed with techniques?? Also, even though the battles are fast, there are hardly any animations for the enemies, and when you're fighting, you just don't feel like you're fighting.

Alot of people love PSIV over the rest. It had better graphics, and a continuously developing plot that was more notable because of the cut scenes. The battles are really fun and hard, esp in the air castle.

Perhaps one of the best thing about the series, is that they are all related, unlike Final Fantasy. Alot of the unexplained and mistranslated yields to alot of fun debating among PS dorks.
The PS series is (imo) the best rpg's ever made, only the final fantasy series coming close to that (not the latest episodes though). The only part of PS i know little about is PS IV cause they stopped selling them when i finally could afford it
PSI, Perhaps the best 8 bit RPG, you won't do very much leveling up, as the max level is 31.

That's not saying much. In Dragon Warrior the max experience level is 30, but you have to go through hours of mindless monster-bashing to get anywhere near it.
Yeah, but in PS II I don't think the level limit has been reached. I can only assume it is 99, as I've only worked Rolf up to around 63. In PS IV, the xp required to lvl hits a cap, but in PS II it seems to just require more and more. Being able to cast Megid 3-4 times is fun, that sucker eats up I think 55 TP. It's awesome when you can take Rolf and make it through the last dungeon (until DF) alone. Then Dark Force beats you up, not necessarily because he is too strong, but because he turn you evil (unable to act). I was considering killing DF with the party, and then sending Rolf in alone to beat up Mother Brain.

I agree that PS II has an exceptional and unique atmosphere, and something else that is very important - great characters. Having good characters is more important to me in many ways than the story. I mean, a normally engrossing story is harder to enjoy when your main character is a rat boy. While on the other side I don't mind a thinner story if the characters and gameplay rock.
As for PSII I have to admit I never made past the 2nd dam, as the difficulity suddenly rockets beyond the usual. Maybe I was too lazy during that time
As to maps: there was this neat guide booklet which came with some versions (don't ask me for specs) which had at least rough maps on the dungeons... at least for the first planet. I didn't get one cause some *censored* grabbed the copy with the booklet few mins before I came back to the store.

PS IV just has a certain fun factor in addition to the aforementioned aspects. The jobs the guild offers are nice, even where you're hunting the dog and have to lure him with... I don't wanna spoiler anyone
Also the vehicles had a charm of their own and the combo-system rules.

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