What OS do you use currently


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Post what Operating System you use and what you use it/them for.

Windows 2000 - Games

Xandros - Everything else

Mac OS 7.6 - PowerBook 5300cs

Soon... Mac OS X, and then I shall enjoy watching Windows ME burn!
I use WorkBench 3.9 on my Amiga 1200. I will upgrade to 4.0 when it is released in some months though. On my Pc I use Windows 95 (yeah, if you need windows, this is the only version you need. its smallest and works best). However, mostly things I use is Dos-based.
Personnally I use Windows 98 first edition on my main PC, it works fine and it's nearly as small as 95. On my PC used to burn CDs, I use win 95 and when I upgraded it to a k6-2 450 with a MB FIC VA503A, it was pretty hard to reinstall windows 95, I insalled patchs and patchs. It was always crashing and finally I found an update for K6-2 350
Windows 98 SE installed with 98lite. Free of IE and many useless components.

Before that I used OS3.1 on my souped-up A500 but it's sitting in the closet now, with an image of its harddrive on my PC for use with WinUAE.

I think my next computer also will have 98SE lite rather than XP, because I'm so used to it, plus it doesn't do anything I don't want it to do.

Control is a beautiful thing.
98lite is awesome

but now I use the following:

Win2K on my laptop

Win2K at work

WinXP at my in-laws house (which I use frequently)
Windows XP, I've been wanted to try out linux, but haven't gotten around to burning another knoppix cd (the first time i got an error), or even installing a redhat distro on a test hard drive (I've go no extra, and no room to dual boot). I'm fine with XP anyway.
I use OSX.2 for everything. It's the best, and it runs GNOME/KDE and of course the native Aqua interface.

If need be I can use VPC for anything else (except BeOS, damn you be...damn you and praise you at the same time)
Hey Daniel - are they Divx movie clips playing in your screen shots?

For me, my most commonly used OS's are

XP on my laptop

98SE on the Desktop

Rethat 7.0 on a crapped out P90 that I barely use.

I wish I had an elite Amiga setup.
Win98 on both machines currently running. I use this machine for gaming and internet and the other just to type papers in my room. I'll be upgrading this one to XP Pro soon. My friend seems to think it's pretty solid, so I'll give it a try.
ummm on one pc lemme see, win xp pro sp1, win 2k pro sp3, win98se... all running IE6, and WMP9
. I love my WMA!!!! and it all runs beautifully.
Main pc=Win2kpro

Wife's pc=win2kpro

My backup pc=Win98se & Dual boot to Dos 6 (old skool stuff)

Work main=Win2kpro enterprise edition

Main Mac= OS X.2 w/9.1 as classic

Other Mac OS's on my various Mac's and powerbooks=

6.0.8, 7.0.1, 7.5.5, 8.1, 8.6
On my main machine:

Win2K for everything

Win98 OSR1 for games

And in the future - just WinXP and RedHat

On my laptop (right now):

Win98 OSR1

Mandrake Linux 9.01

And in the future - WinXP and SuSe
XP Service Pack 1.. After the initial teething problems, it's been fantastic. Obviously you need to get rid of most of the crap from the get-go and disable system restore, after that it runs like a dream (well, apart from some Win95 programs anyways).

I was actually thinking I'd end up setting up a dual boot to 98SE for running my MAME cab, but it's not really been necessary which I've found a bit surprising. If you can't tell, I feared the jump from 9x to NT
XP home on my PC but I REALLY hate it.

I have a question. Why have I never heard of most of these operating systems? I've heard of linux and have wanted to try it but I hear it requires major skill and I'm not willing to learn. Whats xandros and workbench? And I knwo this sounds lame as fuck but uh I didn't even know amiga was still in buisness.