What Other Boards ???

Just wondering what other boards you all belong to???

I am part of Isos Today, UD FXP, NU FXP and New Era...

And also here....thats my limmit Im affraid...so what other boards do you visit???
None. This is the only one where I haven't got aggravated by morons on a daily basis. I used to always be at Warp Records because their site is amazing. EVERONE should try their chatroom
. Tre cool
i'm a member of lavasoft's boards i go there to read mainly. i also joined michael moore's message boards but i haven't been to them in a long time since i realized that nobody on it was really open minded towards others opinions and they all loved to argue and they were all a bunch of pompous people.

This is the only message board that I visit.

It's the only one I've ever been to that I don't get my head chewed off by some lamebrain idiot on a daily basis, simply because I disagreed with them.

I used to visit a few other boards a long time ago, but I got fed up with the BS and left.

Here flames are pretty rare.
CD-ROM Guide


Ars Technica



Macslash (I'm a wannabe Mac Addict)

ISO News (every once in a while)

but SegaXtreme is the coolest
I have heard of a few of those boards....most of them I can say I have never heard of though...I have never had a problem at the boards I am at...They like my ftp and I let them leech away...I would post it here but the forum rules forbid it...no DC, PSX, PS2 or X-box....

I havent been on the "scene" too long...a little over 2 years I guess...over 700 games...all console...so I think Im doing ok....
you can post your ftp here if you have sega games and don't mention those other systems. and no sega games for newer systems...
jumpstation.org forums

zsnes.com forums

clouds of el sallia forums

zophar's domain forums

transcorp forums
consolevision.com (Emulation and dev on consoles)

boob.co.uk (Research/dev on Dreamcast.... go here if u find DCEmu immature

vgn.joffeman.com (VGNs forums, not bad)

www.emu-lmao.tk (Mocks emu sites)

and... That nintendoxtreme site to your left!
Here and One Must Fall: Battlegrounds' website (www.omf.com). And not really all that willingly (I'm beta testing), as the boards over there are a bit boorish compared to here.

But I loved OMF:2097, and entranced by BG, so what can you do?
too many to count.

a few I can remember right away:

- SX

- fileforums.com (PS2)

- xboxhacker.net

- thenewxboxside.de

- j0ne.de

- maniac.de

- red9 msgboard

- retrogames.com

- eidolon's inn

- daddelkingz.de

- neo-geo.com
just this one.

I used to go to the Sega World Weekly mb, but, i've found that I don't have too much time for more than one message board.
Though I'm not a very active member on this board, I am quite active on SNESzone and DVDeastereggs.com

I post as Beester on both of those in case any of you people post on those.

Oh, and I used to post on Primus' Bull Board and ctbasses.com, but those got too crowed, and every other person that was on there was a newbie that asked the same old tired questions that I was sick of answering. I'm really a movie/music buff. I'm just a video game buff wannabe.
Mostly this one, but also the boards at:





ISO News (if I'm feeling masochistic)

And there were a few that I used to go to, but have since moved on, or they died:




Legit PSO (can't even remember the URL)
This is my favourite board, I also post on the UK:Resistance forum and fatbabies.com. Used to post on DC Emulation a lot but lost my account when they upgraded the board and never bothered going back.