what song are you listening to

"Would" by Alice in Chains...next up will probably be Aneurysm by Nirvana...(what can i say im a huge fan of the seattle grunge scene)
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about a girl unplugged i also like grunge even though i hate that term.

yeah... i dont care much for it either...its just most people know it as that...currently im listening to Negative Creep...by Nirvana
i find it funny that there's all kids that are a lot younger then me that really like nirvana. freakes me out that i was in middle school when they were big and now there's middle school kids listening to them now. (guess that's how people feel when they hear their kids listening to the beatles)

learn to fly - foofighters
Nirvana, they just started gaining popularity when I was in Jr high.
that brings back memories!!

I'm glad to see they have active fans.....
'Hard to explain' by The Strokes is on the tv at the moment.

I've got channel V on while on the 'net.
have you ever seen the rain- CCR

since i don't want to keep posting new posts i'll just edit this one

Knock me down- red hot chili peppers

my name is mud- primus

people are strange- doors